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How to trick yourself into saving money | Adulting

Saving money is hard, especially when there's so many cool things you can buy and when you think about ways you can save, it doesn't always work.


Saving money is probably one of the hardest things to do once you live on your own. You have bills to pay, groceries to buy, rent, insurance and then the stuff leftover that you probably should save, but what you’re going to do is use it to go shopping and treat yourself or go out to eat or take a vacation. So how do you stop yourself from that and save money?

Here are some easy steps to trick yourself into keeping your money:

First, you can automate your accounts. Make sure to set up an automatic transfer so part of your paycheck can go to your savings account too. You won’t have to think about moving it, so you won’t miss it.

Second, save your rewards. When you get a bonus or a rebate or a refund, put it in your savings. You won’t think about that extra cash you can spend and instead just go about your normal routine.

Third, get a raise? Save it! Say you get a 3% raise. Put 2% in your savings or 401(k). Invest in your future and don’t spend it all in the present on well, presents.

Fourth, do you ever find random money in a pocket or on the street? Whenever you get it, put it in a money jar when you get home and at the end of every month... put it in your savings account.

Got it? Now make sure you save that information, too.

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