Happy Tech Tuesday! In our continued quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, today we smarten up your home with a coupon and convenience.

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Today's savings put the power of two remote controls and five smart plug outlets in your hand for the astonishingly low price of $22.99. There's no complicated set-up and unlike internet based competitors, this system is not vulnerable to hacking.

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The hugely well-rated Intey system includes the following:

- 5 remote control connected outlets
- No internet connection or smartphone syncing required
- 2 remote controls (with up to 100 feet range)
- RF Signal works through walls/doors
- Remotes control all outlets simultaneously or individually
- Ideal for hard to reach places and inconvenient outlets
- Your best friend come Christmas time
- Energy savings since you control which outlets are powered on
- 2 Year warranty, 3 month money back guarantee

48% Off Intey Wireless Remote Control Set + Free Prime Shipping
Was: $44.00
Now: $22.99
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