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Experts weigh in on Cuomo resignation and California recall election

Could what's happening in New York impact the California recall election? Analysts say not so much.
Credit: AP

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned Tuesday morning over a barrage of sexual harassment allegations. The man, once hailed by the Democratic party for his leadership during the pandemic, stepped down before an impeachment could force him out.

With Governor Gavin Newsom facing a recall election in California, two top Democrats are in tough positions, albeit for two very different reasons. 

Could Cuomo’s scandal affect the recall? 

Multiple political experts ABC10 spoke with agree, Cuomo should have resigned. Sexual misconduct is not a political issue. Some Republicans, however, are using the scandal to galvanize supporters in the California recall election. 

Candidate Kevin Faulconer for example tweeted this morning “Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace this morning, remember how he put seniors and health care workers at risk? He wasn't the only one, Gavin Newsom did that too. But Newsom won’t need to resign, Californians will recall him next month.”

“It does show you that the Republicans are very enthused and energetic about taking whatever victory they can get.” said political analyst Steve Swatt. “And they do see an opening in the state of California.” 

Swatt believes the country is analyzing the mood in both states ahead of the 2022 primaries and Democratic Political Strategist Robin Swanson agrees with him. 

“If you look at New York and California by sheer population, of course these are the big races,” Swanson said. “These are where all eyeballs are right now.”

Swatt, Swanson and political strategist Rob Stutzman agree that the comparison should not be made. They said what’s happening in New York and California is apples to oranges.  

“California Republicans would be smart to stay focused on what's been working for them,” Stutzman said, “Which is to talk about the fraud at the EDD, the rising crime, and the lack of progress on homelessness. Those are the issues still fueling the California recall.”


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