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California Lieutenant Governor answering ABC10's viewers' vaccine questions

Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis spoke to ABC10 to answer questions received by audience members about the COVID-19 vaccine.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — As California allows residents 65 and older to receive the coronavirus vaccine, some are wondering when it is their turn.

Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis spoke to ABC10 to answer questions received by audience members.  Kounalakis spoke about when people expect mass vaccination sites to open and if state officials are worried about a shortage. 

The following interview between ABC10's Mike Duffy and Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis has been edited for clarity and brevity.

ABC10: What can people expect when mass vaccination sites open to the public?

Kounalakis: Big spaces so we can keep people apart and keep people safe... People can expect a calm and hopefully very efficient process in getting everyone who wants to go get in line and get their vaccine accommodated as soon as possible.

ABC10: Are you worried about saying anyone over 65 can get vaccinated when we know our supply right now is limited?

Kounalakis: No. People need to know that if you're over 65, you're not jumping the line. If you're over 65, you're eligible. That's very important for people to know. We don't have the vaccines yet for everyone over 65 to get one. But we're working on it and every day is bringing more.

ABC10: Are we making it enough of a priority to provide people the vaccine?

Kounalakis: What I can tell you, what I can assure you, is that it is the number one priority of anybody in elected office right now.

ABC10: Where would you send people for more information? 

Kounalakis: COVID-19.ca.gov. And by next week, there will be a portal that will help you find out whether you're eligible and where you can go to get vaccinated.  

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