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4 survive plane crash in Wilton area of Sacramento County, officials say

Official say there were four patients pulled from the plane and that no bystanders were hurt.

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — Officials say four patients were in critical condition after a plane went down in the Wilton area of Sacramento County on Thursday.

A spokesperson with Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District said the aircraft landed in the front yard of a home and sparked a small vegetation fire that has since been extinguished. The home itself was described as a private residence on a large parcel of land.

Citing bystanders in the area, Captain Parker Wilbourn, spokesperson for the fire district, said the plane was not in the air for very long before it crashed down. He said the four patients were extricated and were in critical condition with burns. 

He added that three of the patients were taken to the hospital by ambulance and one by air resource. No bystanders were hurt.

Fire officials said that two men, one boy in his teens, and a pregnant woman were on the plane. In an update, Wilbourn said the four people "all look promising for a full recovery."

Steve Scharf, a bystander in the area, said he jumped into action after he saw the plane go down. 

“Turned the coroner. I saw the airplane and heard a big boom as if like the engine stalled and then it pretty much did a 180-turn and dived down and crashed right here. It was immediately engulfed and all these engulfed in flames,” Scharf said.

He said one of the victims came crawling out of the flames. It was then that Scharf said he used his fire extinguisher to help him away from the wreckage.

“I didn’t even think twice about anything that I did. I just grabbed my fire extinguisher out of my truck and I just wanted to be as much help as I could... and get everybody out,” Scharf said.

The cause of the crash in being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration.



Wilton plane crash update: Oct. 14, 2021

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