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Rocklin School Board President caught on audio recording criticizing teachers union

RUSD School Board President Julie Hupp was heard saying "We need more faith-based site reps."

ROCKLIN, Calif. — A Rocklin School Board president is facing more backlash after she was caught on a secret recording, calling on more educators of faith to be involved in their local unions.

All of this comes after a controversial few months for the Rocklin Unified School District, and now the secret recording has made its way to Travis Mougeotte, the president of the Rocklin Teachers Professional Association. It is a local affiliate of the California Teachers Association.

"There's a conflict and a confidentiality break in that level of trust," said Mougeotte.

In that recording, Julie Hupp can be heard criticizing the teachers union and saying, "We need more faith-based site reps." She also adds she has been a part of the union for a long time and has joined a group within the union called 'CTA Republicans' who "meet all the time and talk about how to make changes within the organization."

"Separation of church and state is definitely something that I talk about, and I teach in class and I understand well. And I think a lot of what was said in that recording contradicts that, especially for somebody in a leadership role," said Mougeotte.

Hupp also encouraged the room to participate in district elections saying, "There's not a lot of competition for these jobs." Because of these comments, Mougeotte believes Hupp is not fit to be the sitting president of the school board. 

"I would expect her to step down and resign her role and her responsibilities," he said.

Hupp declined an interview with us but did provide us with a statement:

"This unauthorized recording was taken at a faith-based meeting in March 2022. I was invited there specifically to encourage those educators in the community that are of faith to participate more fully in their local union. I have always been consistent in my feelings about and interactions with the California Teachers Association. I am active there by the invitation of former President of CTA Eric Heins, explicitly to bring my differing viewpoints into the organization. I love all educators in our community. No one works harder. I believe differing viewpoints are very valuable. I strongly believe that all community members should get involved everywhere that they can. I believe that Individuals have the right to worship who, where, and what they choose. I have a long track record of inclusive service in my community. I would not think to stand in the way of someone else's practice of their faith. Religion is a protected class. If this were any other protected class, this would not be an issue."


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