A new coworking space called Makers Place in Sacramento is providing onsite childcare.

Leslie Bosserman created the Makers Place.

"I got this idea when I was three months post partum," Bosserman said. "It was wonderful until I had my first baby and then I realized I was away with him so much to provide for care, and pay for care, to justify the expense it was a hard balance."

The front the building is childfree and daycare is provided in the back. The place is an old home with lots of character and rooms which can be turned into meeting spaces.

"It's really a game changer," Callie Garritson said. "There is really nothing like this. Most places you're gonna take your kid require your participation."

Coworking spaces are becoming more popular.

Amanda Kennedy is one of the founders of The Trade. She said when she first opened there was less than five and now there's close to ten in the city.

"It's like having your own personal office that you can travel to and have a mailbox, but we see all kinds of people, from real estate agents to marketing agencies," Kennedy said. "Of course you have graphic designers, web developers, app developers and just contractors."