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'It's just too dangerous' | Stockton neighborhood's streets in the dark with some lights out

Stockton City Councilmember Kimberly Warmsley says someone is stealing the wiring, and she hopes to come up with a solution

STOCKTON, Calif. — For some streets in the Weston Ranch neighborhood of South Stockton, it's literally lights out.

"It's just too dangerous. I could be riding my bike at night even though I got a light. I can't even see the people walking," said one man who lives in the neighborhood, but wanted to remain anonymous.

Stockton City Councilmember Kimberly Warmsley estimates there's about 20 lights out in the sprawling Stockton neighborhood. 

She says it is impacting everyone who lives there.

"What we're finding and what is happening is that there is like you know long stretches of streets that are actually black because the street lights do not work," Warmsley said.

A Weston Ranch resident herself, who represents the area on city council, she took cell phone video along busy Carolyn Weston Blvd, the major route in the neighborhood.

It shows the busy boulevard in the dark with only the headlights of oncoming cars illuminating the night. 

So why have some lights been out for about a month? Warmsley says someone has been stealing the wiring.

"This is the most impactful situation because the fact several thousands of residents who live in this community," Warmsley said.

"I don't know who is stealing the wires or whatnot. I think we need the wires and the lights," said resident John Veavea.

Warmsley says keeping the lights on is even more important in light of a serial killer or killers on the loose in the city.

"I think with the blight it's caused a higher level of anxiety and frustration for people and people want and need to be safe, especially now," added Warmsley.

She says she has a meeting with the city manager and public works department to determine a plan to get all the lights back on.


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