The storm over the weekend has calmed as of Monday, but don't count on it being like that Tuesday, because another round is heading toward the San Joaquin Valley.

Heavy rain will again arrive overnight, and expect it to start sometime after midnight, according to the ABC10 weather team.

Two things that caused major problems throughout the weekend were the gusty winds and flooding.

And once again, the valley will see gusty winds on Tuesday that should reach around 50 to 60 miles per hour. Flooding concerns remain high for the Cosumnes River near Wilton, along the Sacramento River and the Feather River.

Several places in the valley experienced record daily rainfall this weekend with some barely breaking those records and others nearly doubling the total.

On Sunday Jan. 8., the Sacramento Executive Airport saw 1.95 inches, the previous record being 1.75 in 1995, and Downtown Sacramento saw 1.96 inches topping the previous record from 2001 (1.51).

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