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Are 'ballot selfies' legal in California for the 2022 elections?

Snapping a selfie with your ballot was once illegal in California, but then-Gov. Jerry Brown put new measures in place in 2017.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — While states like Alabama and New Hampshire recently passed laws barring photography of anyone's ballot, California lifted its restrictions on "ballot selfies" in 2017.

However, that doesn't mean you and your friends can host a selfie party at the voting booth. Election officials can still exercise discretion on whether a “ballot selfie” creates a disruption and requires a response.

Some of the limits that can be placed on taking ballot selfies include banning:

  • unauthorized sharing of and use of information for how a person voted
  • soliciting or receiving consideration for voting, or refraining from voting
  • interference with the conduct of elections and with the duties of elections workers
  • voter intimidation
  • compromises the privacy of other voters that cast a ballot

The state election code was changed when then-Gov. Jerry Brown signed AB 1494, introduced by Assemblyman Marc Levine (D-Marin County).

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