People typically go to Disney World to enjoy the rides, but for the past four years the Oak Ridge High School cheer team has gone to Orlando to win medals.

The Trojans went into this year's Universal Cheer Association High School Nationals with its sights set on a national championship in just their fourth year of competing.

"The first year we went we placed second in one of the hardest divisions that there is," said senior Britney Eschelman. "We feel really special and lucky to do what we do and represent California and Oak Ridge High School."

Oak Ridge is one of the few West Coast teams that take the floor, in what's the largest national high school cheer competition dominated by legacy programs from the South and East Coast and the Trojans continue to prove they're one of the most talented teams in the country.

It's takes months of practice and preparation to get the team's routines ready to showcase on the national stage.

"We start in July and then we start practicing two to three days a week in August," Eschelman said.

Eschelman's teammate, Kiley Link, explained how the practices ramp up in November.

"We practice five days a week, two and a half hours a day," Link explained. "Sometimes we have Saturday competitions so sometimes it's six days a week. Yeah, it's a lot of work."

After a sixth-place finish last year, the Trojans were fired up going into the competition at ESPN's Wide World of Sports at Disney World in Orlando.

"For us it's just all about going out there and hitting and having fun," Eschelman said. "If we do that then that's just winning in itself."

After nailing their preliminary performance, Oak Ridge was one of two teams to score high enough to advance directly to finals where eight months of hard work culminate in front of the Disney castle.

"I love the feeling. It's just all the lights on you and you're doing what you love," Link explained. "It's amazing, it's the reason why I keep coming back every single year."

"You know, it's crazy," Eschelman said. "It's pretty surreal. You can't really describe it... You're just, like, in awe."

In their final Nationals performance, Eschelman and Link did more than just make it in front of the castle for finals. The seniors helped Oak Ridge to a second place finish out of 46 teams from across the country competing in the same division.

You can catch the Oak Ridge High School cheer team's performance on national television as ESPN broadcasts its coverage of the competition in the spring.

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