If you've noticed, it's been raining a lot and expect that trend to continue over the next few weeks, but maybe not at the record levels seen since 2010-11.

California has not seen big statewide rain like this since 2011, which was the last big winter being drought free.

Since then we've experienced lackluster rain sometimes by historic margins as you can tell by the drought discussion generally associated with California in recent years. It has also led to President Obama signing a bill to assist the state's drought problem.

There's recently been above average rain throughout the state, a rare occurrence, yes, but for Northern and Central California there's been a steady climb out of the drought.

Also, 17 percent of the state is now drought-free.

So, with major rainfall expected over the next two weeks, we could see certain Northern and Central California areas pull out of the drought, according to the ABC10 Weather team.

If we get a couple of more cycles like this, then it will repeat what happened in 2011 in terms of the rain levels.

Some ski areas during that time period like Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley and Boreal ended up with over 800 inches of snow. If that doesn't say enough about the rain/snow levels in 2011, then just know that Tahoe resorts were open until July 4.

It's still early in the season to tell how this will measure up to that year, but you need patterns like what we're currently experiencing to even have a chance of reaching close to the record levels from 2011.