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Sacramento's Jessica Chastain is now the favorite for Best Actress at the Oscars

This is Jessica Chastain's second nomination for Best Actress. She earned this year's Oscar nod for her work in "The Eyes of Tammy Faye."

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — With a win at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, some are calling Jessica Chastain the favorite to take home Best Actress at the Oscars.

Best actress has been a difficult category to track. Many have seen Olivia Colman ("The Lost Daughter") as the favorite to win her second Oscar. In an especially competitive category, those snubbed have often drawn the most focus. Kristen Stewart of “Spencer” was passed over by SAG, while Lady Gaga ("House of Gucci") missed with the film academy.

Yet it was Jessica Chastain, who plays the televangelist in “The Eyes of Tammy Faye,” who won Sunday, notching her first individual SAG award. Heading into the Oscars on March 27, no category may be more uncertain.

However, ABC10's entertainment reporter Mark S. Allen is predicting Chastain pulls through and wins her first Oscar.

“Kristen Stewart was my pick until the SAG nomination snub, since then it’s been Chastain and Colman, neck and neck…..now, with Jessica’s SAG win, I’m 100% Jessica’s got it,” Allen said.

This is Chastain's second Oscar nomination for Best Actress.

"She's been nominated twice before for The Help in 2012 and Zero Dark Thirty in 2013, but The Eyes of Tammy Faye was her passion project—and Oscar voters love to award actors when they shepherd a project like that through to completion," said Scene-Stealers Editor-in-Chief Eric Melin. "Becoming Tammy Faye also involved a big physical transformation with lots of help from hair and makeup, which Oscar has a history of rewarding. And it just so happens that Hairstyling and Makeup is the film's other nomination—so yeah, her chances are really good to win."

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Chastain is the hometown hero in the contest for Sacramento. Before her nomination, she told Allen that she used to work at the River City Brewing Company in Old Sacramento and the Lucky Cafe.

"I miss Old Town because I loved Old Town... The beer at the River City Brewing Company, I mean 'muah,'" Chastain said.

In her acceptance speech Sunday, Chastain said it was a dream of hers to play Tammy Faye.

"She was a real trailblazer, and she wrapped her arms around those who were repeatedly cast aside and she launched herself into decades of LGBTQ love and I worked on the project for 10 years and I hope that we made her story the way that she would be proud of," Chastain said at the SAG Awards.

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