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Vacaville 9-year-old starts Lego fundraiser to help cancer awareness group

Cody Bassey's skill with Legos might only be rivaled by his heart. The 9-year-old is using his Lego know-how to raise funds for a cancer awareness group.

VACAVILLE, Calif. — Fundraising is kind of a big deal to Cody Bassey. The 9-year-old is a big supporter of several fundraising organizations, and he’s raised thousands for Vacaville Fire Department through cookie sales and fill the boot campaigns.

His latest fundraising idea is for a cancer awareness group called Pink Heals Solano, a non-profit cancer awareness group that supports families in need and first responders. 

For this fundraiser, Legos form the foundation.

From the spare room in his house, or the 'Lego Lab" as Cody calls it, he can sift through nicely organized drawers of mini Lego parts, and, similar to a cartoon artist, Cody crafts real people into Lego figures. 

“Email me a photo of yourself, and I will do my best to make it look just like you,” Cody says. 

When Cody is done with his creation, his mom takes a photograph of the Lego look-a-like and sends it back to the participant for a donation. 

“So far, I have raised $600 dollars for the Pink Heals,” Cody said.

Organizations like Pink Heals rely on donations that come from efforts like Cody's Lego fundraiser. A few weeks ago, the Pink Heals threw a parade for a little girl in Vacaville who finished her chemotherapy treatment.

“I feel so good that I can give back to the community,” said Cody.

Cody Bassey is an Everyday Hero. If you want to participate in his Lego Fundraiser, message the Pink Heals Solano on Facebook

If you want to nominate an Everyday Hero email John Bartell jbartell@abc10.com



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