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What to look for in car insurance | Adulting

Needing car insurance is one thing, but knowing what to look for is another.


When it comes to being an adult, car insurance is important. But knowing what to look for is a whole different story.

Just want to be clear here, you need car insurance. It’s the law (with a few states as exceptions).

The bare minimum you need is liability insurance. This basically means that if you’re at fault in an accident, your insurance will pay for the damage. There are two types of liability insurance: property, which means repairs to the car, and bodily injury, which will cover those doctor visits and medical expenses.


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The standard coverage is 100/300/100: $100,000 for bodily injury, $300,000 per accident and $100,000 for property damage. It may seem like you’re paying for a lot, but it’s something you’ll want if and when you get in an accident.

You also want to make sure you have a top-rated insurer. Yes, I know you want to save money, but sometimes a company has low premiums, but they end up charging you more if you get in an accident, instead of paying for it. So you'll definitely want to look at how people are reviewing the different insurance companies.

Now there are other extras you might want from you car insurance like personal injury coverage, flood insurance and gap insurance, but as for the basics of what you'll need, that’s what you’ll want to look for.

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