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'It shouldn't be like this down here' | Old Sacramento business owners speak out on recent gun violence

Mayor Darrel Steinberg meeting with Old Sacramento business owners after a weekend of deadly gun violence

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — After a weekend of deadly gun violence in Old Sacramento, Mayor Darrell Steinberg on Wednesday met with concerned business owners in the popular tourist destination to hear their frustrations and ideas to stem violent crime happening there.

"It’s a Catch-22 because you want more attractions, and on the other hand, we want to know what’s attracting some trouble and address that," Steinberg told ABC10.  

On Friday night, two people were shot and killed in the district and four others were hurt. It follows other incidents, including a man who was shot in January. 

"It's personal because it's family and this is not just somewhere we go to clock in," said Troy Carlson, who owns Stage Nine Entertainment Store on Front Street -- a 30-year institution in Old Sacramento.

Credit: Public Safety News
Two people were killed Friday night in a shooting in Old Sacramento.

Stage Nine was crowded with shoppers Wednesday afternoon; families and couples enjoying a day out in the California Gold Rush setting.

Where merchants once sold hardtack, flour, pots, and pans, Old Sacramento is now the place for memorabilia, outdoor dining, and music. 

"You know, I think a place like this should be a lot more about peace, love, and creativity," said musician Otis Wynn. "As opposed to, 'We're coming down here and shooting each other.'"

Steinberg said Old Sacramento needs a robust law enforcement presence, and potentially to rethink attractions like the Ferris wheel or even a youth curfew where large groups of young people spend time hanging out. 

But the purpose of the Wednesday meeting was to hear concerns from business owners, like Troy Carlson. 

"Everybody seems to be on the same page," Carlson said. "We just want to have an action plan."

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