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Staying healthy through remote work or returning to the office | Health Beat with Brea Love

If you make the decision to continue remote work, this could be a good time take note of your workspace.

CALIFORNIA, USA — Some employers like Facebook and Twitter are giving their employees the choice to continue remote work or come back to the office. If you make the decision to stay home, this could be a good time take note of your workspace.

ABC10 health expert Dr. Tom Hopkins said a lot of the setups are no good.

“They said, 'OK, let's just do these meetings from the kitchen table, from the bedroom, from all over the place.' Right? They weren't in the same type of environment. So, a lot of physicians, including myself, saw a lot of folks with low back pain, knee pain. People simply got out of shape because they weren't getting up and going, interacting with their colleagues,” Hopkins said.

He said the human connection that you get in the office is important too. Hopkins said, if you’re basing your decision over worries regarding your health, he recommends talking to your employer. That way, you could possibly work something out to come in a couple times a week until you feel comfortable.

If you’re staying home for another other reason, he recommends a proper work area and moving around occasionally to stay active.


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