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Father of student attacked at Monterey Trail High questions how school handled attack

The victim’s father has returned to the school Thursday for answers. He said his son never wants to return there.

ELK GROVE, Calif. — Additional law enforcement is at Monterey Trail High School in Elk Grove Thursday after a student was attacked the day before.

The victim’s father, Kawame Curry, also returned to the school Thursday seeking answers.

He told ABC10 he was back to speak with the school about the handling of the situation. He said the school originally told him his son had breathing problems and passed out -- nothing about the attack.

“Them saying it was just like a medical thing and then all the sudden it’s, 'Oh, your son was assaulted.' Then, the video comes out and then everyone wants to be concerned, act like they handled so much stuff, you know what I mean? And the video clearly shows what happened. If the video wouldn’t have surfaced the way that it did, then they probably would have just swept it under the rug,” Curry said.

He said he's done everything in his power to keep it together for his family after watching video of the attack.

“Looking at that video, you can tell he has no sense of consequence, no sense of nothing, you know what I'm saying? You could have literally taken my son's life,” Curry said.

The exact series of events leading to the attack is unclear, but Curry believes it started over a student trying to steal his son’s tennis shoes.

The video shows a 15-year old student walking behind his son with a fire extinguisher, pulling a fire extinguisher from his bag, and taking a full swing. The fire extinguisher hits the back of Kawame Curry Jr’s head, and he can be seen falling to the ground before being hit a second time.

ABC10 has seen the video, but is choosing not to show it due to the graphic nature.

“He’s hurting. My other son, my 18-year-old son, literally had to take his phone and delete so much stuff off social media and his accounts just so he doesn’t see it and have to relive the situation over and over and over and over again,” Curry said.

Other videos surfaced on social media, taken prior to the incident, appear to show the same teens involved in a disagreement. Officials with the school district and sheriff’s office who are investigating the incident criminally have not said what led up to the violent incident.

Curry said with everything that’s happened, he only hopes his parenting is strong enough to get them through. He said he's had multiple children go through the Elk Grove School District and never had any problems before.

“To hear my son say that he never wants to come back to this school ever again... it hurts, it hurts,” Curry said.

ABC10 reached out to the school district about the meeting and the grievances from the father. Their representative was in a meeting at the time.

Parents at the high school Thursday say they learned of the incident either through their student or social media. 

"I don't recall getting a email. All I read was online. That's it. That's it. What people said. What happened. They said there was some video. Not something I want to see," said Bao Dang, the father of a Monterey Trail High School student.

It's left them with more questions than answers.

"I mean for it to be a fire hydrant compared to a regular fight. It's like how did he get the fire hydrant? Like, was it just there? I just wish that they could have stopped it or helped prevent it. Any way that they could've," said Laura Medina, who is the stepmother of a Monterey Trail High School student.

Curry shares the same thoughts, but with the video still out, his main priority now is to make sure his son is OK. 

The 15-year-old accused of attacking Curry Jr. is in custody and is facing two felony counts of “attempted homicide” without bail. Curry said that his son did not know the attacker before the day of the attack. The investigation is ongoing.


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