SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Uber ranked Sacramento No. 2, just behind Paris, for the most popular city in the world when it comes to JUMP bike and e-scooter usage.

Uber, which owns JUMP, did not provide data for how many U.S. riders used JUMP. The company did say Paris was ranked No. 1 and Seattle was the third for most JUMP bike and e-scooters usage.

Riders in Sacramento took about 450,000 scooter trips and 550,000 bike trips since June, according to the City of Sacramento Transportation Planning Manager Jennifer Donlon Wyant.

According to the city officials, JUMP and Lime have a combined 2,170 scooters that are in use in Sacramento. City officials are expecting that Sacramento will have about 3,000 scooters and 1,000 bikes in operation by March. 

Donlon Wyant said Sacramento encourages people to use shared bikes and e-scooters because it helps cut down on CO2 emissions when fewer cars are on the road.

Fewer cars on the street also mean less wear and tear on the roadways, which leads to fewer taxpayer dollars needed to maintain the roads, Donlon Wyant said. 

For those who are intimated by riding the e-scooters and bikes, Sacramento offers free biking and a scooting class every month



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