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How Thursday's Northern California earthquake ranks in the state's history

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake at the California Nevada border felt July 8, had residents reflecting on past California quakes

SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — A magnitude 6.0 earthquake -- felt across hundreds of miles across California and Nevada -- occurred Friday, July 8, resulting in no major damages or injuries. 

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake's epicenter was near the California-Nevada border, southeast of Markleeville in Antelope Valley.   Dozens of aftershocks followed, including some of magnitude 4.0 or greater. 

The magnitude 6.0 earthquake was the largest to hit the area since the magnitude 6.1 quake in 1994. 

Some viewers shared their reaction to the recent earthquake, many comparing it to the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake in San Francisco. 

Credit: KXTV

"The earthquake was shaking my couch I was sitting on in Modesto. My daughter and granddaughter felt it in Oakdale at 3:50 p.m. I am 80, so was a little scared. We remember the big one in San Francisco," Kathy and John Weaver from Modesto texted ABC10. 

"I felt the quake it jarred me out of very very deep sleep and it seemed as if my house would not stop shaking. I lived in Oakland during the 1989 earthquake and I was working in San Francisco at the time and I thank God that I called off work that day otherwise I would have been on the bridge, and God knows what would have happened," Don texted ABC10.

"Felt it good in Modesto. Had about one-foot wave on the pool!  Shook the house for about 30 seconds. Nothing like 1989 thank God," another viewer texted in.

Here are the major quakes over 7.0 magnitude, according to the California Department of Conservation:

7.9- Jan. 9, 1857
Fort Tejon
2 killed, 220-mile surface scar

7.9- April 18, 1906
San Francisco
3,000 killed, $524 million in property damage, including fire damage  

7.8- March 26, 1872
Owens Valley
27 killed, 3 aftershocks of 6.25+

7.5- July 21, 1952
Kern County
12 killed, 3 aftershocks of 6+

7.3 - Jan. 31, 1922
West of Eureka
37 miles offshore

7.3 - Nov. 4, 1927
SW of Lompoc
No major injuries, slight damage 

7.3 - June 28, 1992
1 killed, 400 injured, 6.5 aftershock

7.2 - Jan. 22, 1923
Damaged homes in several towns

7.2 - Nov. 8, 1980
West of Eureka
Injured 6, $1.75 million in damage

7.2 - April 25, 1992
Cape Mendocino
6.5 and 6.6 aftershocks

7.1 - Oct. 16, 1999
Ludlow (Hector Mine Quake)
Remote, so minimal damage

7.1 - May 18, 1940
El Centro
9 killed, $6 million in damage

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