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Why do people pronounce it 'ammond' instead of 'almond?' | Why Guy

For anyone who says 'ammonds,' you do your thing. There's nobody who can say you're wrong.

CALIFORNIA, USA — You hear it many times in conversation, somebody talking about one of California’s most popular commodities: the “ammond."

Wait, what?

Isn’t it “almond?” Yes, and no. At least the spelling is not in question.

California is the largest producer of almonds on Earth, so you’d think we’d have a set way on how to say it.

“There were a large number of Dutch settlers in our area a century ago, and the word is 'amadel,'" said Professor Dr. Ken Albala of the University of the Pacific.

So, historically, “amadel” became “ammond,” at least in the pronunciation. Older-generation farmers may be the ones carrying on that tradition.

In our region, most people north of Modesto say “ammond.” If you travel south of Modesto and Merced, you’ll hear “almond."

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