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When is the next stimulus check or help for the unemployed coming?

With many federal coronavirus benefit programs set to expire at the end of the year, viewers want to know if more help is on the way.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Here at ABC10, we stand for you! Since the coronavirus pandemic started, we have responded to more than 20,000 of your questions.

We recently received a text from Cathy Hickman in Stockton asking about the possibility of a second stimulus package.

"I'm scared to death because I know exactly how much money I have in the bank. I know exactly how much money is coming in every week. I also know basic math and $188 times 'x' amount of weeks doesn't pay the rent," Hickman explained.

While a lot of people want to know about stimulus checks, many current unemployment benefits are also tied to the first stimulus.

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Roughly 23 million people are receiving unemployment benefits, according to Labor Department data. However, millions of Americans could lose all benefits at the end of December without a stimulus extension from Congress.

Right now, we don't have a clear answer if and when a new package is coming. Adding to the uncertainty, a growing number of counties in California have moved backward in coronavirus tiers, as cases are spiking. This means more restrictions on businesses, and a lot of folks are worried that they could find themselves unemployed.

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"No matter how you look at it, with all the money gone in savings, I'm left hanging," Hickman said.

Hickman, along with many others, can't afford to wait on Congress, she needs money now. Since the Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are about two unemployed workers for every job opening, Dollars and Sense is going to pair her up with both a job recruiter and a financial advisor to help navigate during this stressful time. Join us on Thursdays to follow her journey.

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