DAVIS, Calif. — Central Park is in the heart of Davis. It's well-known for the farmers market, for events, for a random evening walks and soon it may be known for so much more. 

The park could be renamed to honor fallen Davis Police Officer Natalie Corona.

"I think that it's a good thing to name our community park after an officer that was so young and dedicated to her job," said Addison Montgomery, a recent UC Davis graduate.

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Montgomery attended the vigil for Corona at the park.

"It is a very important job, and some people give their lives for it. And it's an honorable thing to do when you do it right," Montgomery said.

Montgomery said Corona's death impacted her. She still takes a minute to remember her every time she sees a blue ribbon or passes by the memorial.

"To remember her permanently just by naming this park would be awesome," she added.

Renaming the park is one of the ways Davis Police want to remember Corona.

"I know one of the top suggestions was to rename Central Park. But I think that at this point the ideas are still floating around and open discussion," said Davis Police Lt. Paul Doroshov.

They also would like to design a statue of Natalie Corona outside the police department. They are now in the process of pitching the ideas to the city council for approval.

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A committee was formed to handle the process. On Tuesday night, the committee asked the city council to approve a community outreach campaign to help gather funding and fundraising for the permanent memorials. It's one way to keep Natalie's memory and legacy alive in their hearts.

"Officer Corona had a very positive spirit. She was truly someone who cared. And I would say that if you think about what happens every day, it's probably motivated us and re-motivated some of us," Doroshov said.

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