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Modesto police release standoff bodycam video of suspect firing at officers

The bodycam video showed the moments where a suspect accused of grand theft fired about 100 rounds at officers, according to Modesto police.

MODESTO, Calif. — Officer bodycam video of a Modesto standoff, where a man was accused of firing more than 100 rounds at police, was released on Thursday.   

The 20-minute video shows a Modesto Police officer driving inside a parking lot of an apartment complex at the 2800 block of Floyd Avenue, on December 15, after law enforcement tried to stop 26-year-old Alonzo Warren nearby. 

An officer is shown speaking to Alonzo, saying that he needs to leave his apartment with his hands up because they had a warrant for his arrest for grand theft. Warren asked officers if they could come back another day, but officers told him they would release a K-9 officer on him if he did not come outside. 

Gunshots can be heard seconds later.  

Police say, Warren allegedly fired more than 100 rounds at police, hitting an armored vehicle, a police SUV, and multiple walls and vehicles around the complex. Police said they fired back and called for help as Warren barricaded himself in the apartment.

Warren surrendered to the police after officers used tear gas to lure him outside. He admitted to officers that he was about to try to escape from the backyard leading up to that moment, police said.

Warren was arrested on charges of attempted murder, felony weapon charges, and warrants for domestic violence and grand theft.   

Below is the Modesto police bodycam video 

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