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'Micro food hall' with Bay Area-based restaurants coming to Roseville

Local Kitchens' CEO Jon Goldsmith told ABC10 the 5 brands starting in Roseville will be Nash and Proper, Garden of Eat'n, The Melt, Señor Sisig, and Curry Up Now.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — The Bay Area's Local Kitchens is opening a new location in Roseville in late February, which will be its first in the Greater Sacramento area.

"Local Kitchens is what we call a micro food hall. So what we do is we bring a bunch of really great local restaurants together under one roof and make it really easy to order takeout or delivery," Jon Goldsmith, the founder and CEO of Local Kitchens, said.

The Roseville location will be Local Kitchens' sixth and will open with five eateries, including two Sacramento-based and three San Francisco-based.

"We'll start with five brands, so that will be Nash and ProperGarden of Eat'nThe MeltSeñor Sisig, and Curry Up Now," Goldsmith said.

Each location has a slightly different mix based on the preferences of the local community. Goldsmith said they did surveys in Roseville to understand what people wanted to eat.

"We only work with local restaurants and sort of emerging brands, especially ones that are founded by local chefs, and that's part of our mission is to help bring more local food to the world and make that as convenient as a big chain, but with sort of the great cuisine that you can find at these local restaurants," Goldsmith said.

The concept behind Local Kitchens allows people to choose different styles of cuisine.

"We've seen this problem over and over again when folks can't decide what to eat," Goldsmith said. "Maybe somebody wants a salad and somebody wants a burrito — we don't think you should have to choose. So we thought it was really fun to bring all these options together and also to encourage folks to try new things."

Goldsmith said the Local Kitchens chefs train with the founders of the original brands. The restaurants feature a "best hits" menu compared to the full offerings at the original sites.

"I'm born and raised in San Francisco, which is a Mecca for local restaurants, and I think it's really exciting for us to have the opportunity to support restaurants at a time when there's a lot of upheaval in the industry," Goldsmith said. "So it feels good to be able to help put money in their pockets."

With many local businesses facing staffing shortages, Goldsmith said that combining multiple restaurants under one roof can be an advantage. 

"I think that comes back to this being a new model for maybe how restaurants might be evolving to where instead of a single cook working on just a single concept, you can share that and get some more efficiencies from that," Goldsmith said.

Since starting in the summer of 2020, Local Kitchens has opened five locations in the Bay area, including in Cupertino, Lafayette, Palo Alto, San Jose and Mountain View. 

Other locations coming to the Greater Sacramento area include Davis, which is expected to open in late March, and Elk Grove which is set to open after that. Goldsmith said Local Kitchens is looking to open up more locations in the broader Sacramento area in the future.


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