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Roseville residents could see a third waste bin for the first time with new composting plan

Roseville is considering adding a third bin for recycling to comply with SB-1383, which requires composting organic waste in California.

ROSEVILLE, Calif. — Roseville is working on creating a citywide plan to compost organic waste with a goal to have it up and running by the end of this year.

This plan would ensure the city is in compliance with SB-1383, a bill signed into law in 2016 by former Gov. Jerry Brown aimed at reducing methane in landfills by composting organic waste. The law went into effect in 2022.

Roseville is part of the Joint Powers Authority, which includes Lincoln, Rocklin and Placer County. That means they operate under a one bin system where trash and recycling go in one bin and green waste goes in a second bin. 

However, Roseville is considering adding a third bin for recycling, according to Maurice Chaney, Roseville's public information officer for environmental utilities. If the city decides to add a recycling bin, it would be the first time Roseville residents would have a third bin.

"We just throw it in our trash bin and it goes to get processed and we don't have to think about it," Chaney said. "Now it's going to be up to us... to make sure that we're not just throwing everything in the trash."

The city conducted two six-month pilot studies in a neighborhood near Foothills Boulevard and a neighborhood in the western part of Roseville, where they added a third bin for residents.

Now the city is doing a feasibility study to see what makes sense financially: to continue with the two-bin system or add a third bin.

Will your rate change?

Chaney said Roseville looks at rates every other year and already has estimated built-in rate increases to comply with SB-1383 over two years. Right now, the bill from the fiscal year of 2021-22 was $31.06 for waste services with an estimated bill increase of $4.99 effective July 1, 2022, making it $36.05. However, Chaney said that this is uncharted territory and since they look at rates frequently, they can see if the expenses for the services match the revenue.

Chaney said a benefit to a three-bin approach is customers would take a more hands-on approach to recycling.

"It sort of allows them to recycle in their own hands versus assuming that it's going to go to the materials recovery facility where we do actually take out recyclables, depending on the market, and we sell that back," Chaney said.

Chaney said if the city decides to move to three bins, there will need to be educational outreach.

"There's some concerns and some cons about having your own recycling bin, because sometimes people just throw everything in there, not realizing that depending on the type of plastic you use, that might not be recyclable," Chaney said.

However, if the city was to continue with only two bins, Chaney said trash and recycling will continue to be in one bin and then green waste and food waste would be in the other.

Food waste makes up about half of the State’s waste stream, and food waste is the largest single waste stream in...

Posted by City of Roseville Utilities on Monday, November 15, 2021

Chaney said the goal is to have a program citywide by the end of 2022, but supply chain shortages are also a factor. He said the city ordered more garbage trucks last year and is still waiting on those trucks.

"So part of it is not only the feasibility study that we need to understand to help us determine how we move forward, but I was also getting the necessary equipment so that we can actually conduct the collection process in our city," Chaney said.

If the city were to move to three bins, Chaney said more trucks will be needed to pick up the trash.

Another aspect of SB-1383 is looking at addressing food insecurity. Chaney said in partnership with the Placer County Food Bank, the city will work with them to recover food that isn't spoiled to address food insecurity.

For more information and updates on Roseville's food waste recycling program, visit foodforsoil.org.


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