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Future site of the Sacramento Zoo still up for grabs with multiple places in the mix

The city of Elk Grove has a hat in the ring, as well as at least three other sites, to claim the location of the Sacramento Zoo.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Sacramento City Council are in the process of possibly moving the Sacramento Zoo.

The animals would benefit from having larger enclosures, which could mean more animals, and the zoo could also see a huge benefit to attendance.

The city of Elk Grove also has a hat in the ring to claim the location of the zoo. Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen says they have 60 acres ready and are in exclusive talks with the Sacramento Zoological Society. 

"It would be a tremendous win for the animals," Singh-Allen said. "Of course, it would be a great win for the city of Elk Grove, but most importantly it's about the animals."

The zoo could possibly move to Del Paso Regional Park, the Job Corps site or the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District Bufferlands. Sacramento will still own the zoo no matter where it moves. 

Kelley Haile visits the zoo once a week with her son. She is excited for the wildlife park to potentially change locations.

"My son loves it; he's been coming to the zoo since he was six-weeks-old," Haile said. 

Felictias Deana, a Sacramento resident who lives near the Jobs Corps site, is not a fan of the zoo relocating because the area doesn't need the economic boost that would come from the park. 

"This is a good area," Deana said. "People think it's not but it's good, and I've been here for 30 years. 

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