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Back to School: Helping students feel comfortable wearing masks | Health Beat with Brea Love

As students go back to school, a health expert shares how to make them feel more comfortable wearing masks.

SACRAMENTO, Calif — For students heading back to school, mask-wearing is something nearly everyone will have to experience. Students who went back on a hybrid schedule last year might have some experience with long-term mask-wearing but for others, this will be an adjustment period.

Sutter Medical Group Pediatrician Dr. Judi Vallero said some kids can have a phobia surrounding masks and she shared her thoughts on how to help get them comfortable wearing them.

“One of the things that I ask parents to do is practice, practice at home, practice during play, maybe for short periods of time before school starts to get them ready for it. Maybe like an hour a day,” Vallero said. “Most kids will find that they can do it. Especially with younger kids going back to school, I'm sure that the teachers will kind of help promote mask wearing.”

Vallero said when students see other students wearing masks it can also help encourage them to keep them on. 

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