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Faith leaders, first responders lead vigil for victims of deadly Woodland crash

A grandmother and 4-year-old granddaughter were killed in an Easter weekend crash caused by 13-year-old behind the wheel

WOODLAND, Calif. — Faith leaders and first responders gathered in Woodland to pray for the grandmother and four-year-old granddaughter killed in a fiery crash two weeks ago and to offer healing to an entire community still in shock.

Officials say a 13-year-old boy caused the deadly crash after taking a family member's car and leading police on a high speed pursuit. At least 10 other people were injured in the crash, including the driver, who now faces several charges. 

"It was quite a horrific collision," said Anthony Cucchi, Woodland Police Deputy Chief. 

Cucchi said responding officers take the trauma of a terrible crash home with them. 

"The fact that they’re inviting us, bringing us into this space, it means a lot to us," said Cucchi.

Priest Alex Leach called the crash mindboggling for people living in a small town.

"Whatever that grief looks like, it points us to some great desire for love, for meaning and purpose, that there’s something that this grief shows us about how very important life is," said Leach. 

Speaking in front of community members, Woodland police and fire departments, Leach said gatherings like this one help people name what they are feeling. 

"The whole community gets to find out about it, it is like that trauma and pain just ripples forth like a stone hitting water. That pain and trauma doesn’t stay in one place, it spreads out," said Leach.


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