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Nevada City struggles with storm aftermath as some call for emergency declaration in El Dorado Co.

"Mom was definitely scared. Every time a tree fell, it was like a gunshot went off and then just a big ol' crash. And snow everywhere."

NEVADA CITY, Calif. — The series of storms hitting the region is having a big impact on Placer and Nevada counties.

Thousands of residents are still without power and digging themselves out before the next storm. 

Some people say they're prepared and can deal with it themselves. However, there are also elderly and disabled people who may have a harder time and may need more resources. 

In Nevada City, several feet of snow is covering everything from the roads to mailboxes and even trees surrounding power lines.

"Snow just kept building and this tree just kept leaning more and more, and then it eventually gave way and the power lines were holding it," said Jon Iorns, a Nevada City resident.

Iorns was at his mother's house on Pittsburg Road when a large tree brought down the power lines right in front of the home. He says they lost power for 3 to 4 days and also lost about 12 trees altogether.

"Mom was definitely scared. Every time a tree fell, it was like a gunshot went off and then just a big ol' crash -- and snow everywhere," said Iorns.

Placer County is currently under a state of emergency, but Calli Genest who lives in Dutch Flat questions why officials have yet to add El Dorado County to that list. She's worried about her grandparents who live in Volcanoville

"They are experiencing no power, no water. They have no access to the internet and nothing. And the officials from what we've spoken to, the county officials as well as calling the 211, they just keep telling everyone to go online. That's how you're gonna get resources, but if they have no power or internet, how are they supposed to access their website?" said Genest. 

The Placer County Fire Department and sheriff's office say they're working together in unified command to do what they can.

"The up staffing is key and that preparedness part of it is key for us. It also deals with a lot of specialized equipment and resources based on what we think we're gonna see on the forecast," said Brian Estes, fire chief for the Placer County Fire Department. 

Public safety is a priority. Genest says she is grateful for all their help, but she's asking residents to speak out if they're in a bad situation.

"This isn't gonna change anytime soon. Winter is a normal thing here and just talk to your officials. Don't be afraid to speak out. Like, the reason that we were able to get Placer County part of the state of emergency was continuing to speak out and I'm going to continue to work for El Dorado County," said Genest. 

Residents say they're nervous with more snow expected to come. They recommend having a plan in place in case anyone gets stuck.


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